Fighting for Workers’ Compensation Rights in Douglasville, Georgia

Injuries can, and do, occur in every type of work environment. And although some workplaces might have inherently higher levels of risk, anyone who experiences a work-related injury deserves expert representation. The law offices of Laura Lanzisera has extensive experience navigating Georgia’s laws on workers’ compensation. She used to represent the insurance agencies until she realized the positive impact that she could make by fighting the injustices of the system.

Laura’s background gives her acute awareness of the tactics that insurance carriers and employers use to dominate the conversation, and she uses that knowledge to fight to make sure your claim is heard. If you or someone you know in the Douglasville area could benefit from Laura’s expertise, please reach out so we can help you.

Worker’s Compensation in Georgia is Our Only Focus

Laura Lanzisera specializes in workers’ compensation and litigation in the state of Georgia, with a focus on Douglasville. She isn’t distracted by other practice areas or types of cases. Our firm understands the unique makeup of Douglasville and the industries that employ our residents. Because we only take on workers’ compensation cases, you know you’re getting a dedicated attorney who will defend your claim with 100% of the firm’s attention.

Laura handles:

  •   Shoulder injuries
  •   Back and neck injuries
  •   Traumatic brain injuries
  •   Repetitive use injuries 
  •   Knee injuries
  •   Car and truck accidents
  •   Catastrophic injuries

Why Partner with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Compensation law can be quite complicated, and there are numerous ways to hinder the progress of your claim. Laura can help represent your interests to ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve and the medical care you need. She can steer you toward a doctor who will treat you with fairness and compassion to help build your case for success. If or when you experience any setbacks with your employer or an insurance provider, Laura is not afraid to push back to make sure you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

Benefits could include:

  •   Medical compensation for bills
  •   Lost wages for temporary or permanent injuries
  •   Settlements

Contact the Law Offices of Laura Lanzisera Today

Before you file a claim, reach out and let Laura assist you so you can begin the process in a position of power. If you’ve already made early missteps in your case, Laura can help get your claim back on track. And if your claim has already been denied, she’s deeply familiar with the process to mount the strongest appeal possible. Our firm realizes how difficult this time can be. In addition to the physical and mental pain of an injury, you’re having to prove that you deserve proper compensation. If you or someone you know needs representation in a workers’ compensation case in Douglasville, Georgia, get the help you deserve at the law offices of Laura Lanzisera.


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    5 Star Reviews

    “Laura and Melody are great at what they do. They answer all your questions in a very timely manner. They get all your procedures approved fast. They work hard for you, and I highly recommend them.”

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    5 Star Reviews

    “Laura helped me get the medical care I needed and answered all of my questions. She negotiated and fought for me with the insurance company. Laura was patient with my husband and me. Laura never pushed us to make premature decisions.”

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