Truck Accidents

Many people don’t realize that an on-the-job injury doesn’t have to take place at a worksite, office or factory. If driving is part of your job and if you’re injured while driving, you may be entitled to both workers’ compensation benefits from your employer and a personal injury settlement.

Trucking accidents can be particularly devastating, resulting in major injuries and long-term or even lifelong treatment. Laura understands the complications of these cases and the workers’ compensation challenges they pose. She can steer you toward a doctor who will treat you with fairness and compassion, helping set up your case for success. If you encounter roadblocks with your employer and the insurance companies, Laura pushes back, making sure you get the medical compensation, wage benefits and settlements you’re entitled to.

Working with your personal injury attorney, Laura will make sure both your workers’ comp case and your personal injury case have the best outcomes possible. She’ll fight to minimize subrogation from the workers’ compensation insurer while also working to make sure the workers’ compensation insurer provides medical treatment, saving you the frustration of having to pay back medical bills once you get your personal injury settlement.

If you were involved in a work-related truck accident, contact us today. We can help maximize your recovery.

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