“Laura Lanzisera and Melody Heck were amazing. It was a very difficult situation that until I met Laura I felt lost. Melody kept me updated throughout the settlement process and answered all my questions. I am so grateful for everything they did for me and my family.”

“Laura and Jill was great with my case. Jill always responds to your calls or emails in a timely manner. Both are always professional and knowledgeable. I am happy I chose Laura to represent me with my case. And I would recommend her any day.”

“I am very grateful for the help I received from Laura Lanzisera and Jill Espinoza. I really recommend them, they helped me so much with my case and kept me updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of.”

“I’m very glad I chose this law firm. The staff was very respectful, prompt, professional and always reached out to me to let me know what was going on, what I needed to do and the next steps I needed to take. They went above and beyond to get me the settlement that I received. I will highly recommend them to anyone.”

“As of September of 2020 I unfortunately needed a workers’ compensation attorney again. As I stated before, I immediately contacted the Law offices of Laura Lanzisera. Once again, I am very pleased with the service that I received. They are an AWESOME team and they go the distance to help those of us who have found themselves up against the workers’ compensation machine…a machine that by definition is against working folks, they know exactly what steps to take and when to take them, if you are in need of an experienced WC Attorney then this is the team.”

“About three months into my workers comp injury process, all my pay, benefits and medical treatments were suddenly cancelled. I was let go that day left with no job, no income, and no further treatment of any kind. I needed help. After much due diligence, I chose Laura above all other Atlanta lawyers. What a good decision. She got me a different doctor, not the one the company made me use. Laura got all my treatments reinstated, all the back pay plus penalty and interest, and eventually a nice settlement.”

“If you are looking for a Workers’ Comp attorney, look no further. Laura is the best! I worked with Laura and Jill to resolve my claim and I am very pleased. Laura fought to get the maximum settlement for me. Jill always responded to every email promptly and made sure all of my questions were answered. Her demeanor is very warm and personable. I will recommend this firm to anyone injured on the job.”

“Absolutely the very Best!! No questions, or concerns, went unanswered. Laura and Jill I give you 10 stars!”

“My experience with both Laura and Jill was excellent they kept great contact with me and I was in the loop every step of the way I really appreciated that especially when you’re not knowledgeable about worker’s compensation.”

“If you’re looking for a workers’ comp lawyer, this is the place. Laura and Melody are great to work with. They are very responsive in getting back to you to answer any questions you may have. Laura did a wonderful job in representing me with the insurance company. She did a great job in negotiating a very nice settlement for me. I really appreciate all that she did for me. Great job!”

“I have been very lucky with you, I am very grateful for all the help you have given me throughout this time, thank you I bless your profession because you heartily defend the rights of all, Miss Jill Espinoza, an excellent person, very noble and very dedicated to your work, super grateful Blessings!”

“They were extremely helpful and I appreciate all of the dedication and resources they used to help me settle my case. Check them out!”

“I am not sure where to start. When I first called, I was scared to death, lost, didn’t know what to do or which way to turn. After that call, I felt so relieved! Wonderful, wonderful peace of mind; they handled everything! Staff is pleasant, easy to talk to, and to reach anytime I needed them. I personally have to give props to (feels like a new friend…lol) Jill: she was absolutely amazing! Even with all this crazy pandemic going on, she had me covered. I would use them again if needed and would highly recommend this firm!”

“Best in Atlanta!! Highly recommend. Thanks guys!!!”

“Laura and Melody were very professional. I feel like they worked hard on my case. I would definitely recommend to anyone that needs an attorney.”

“I absolutely loved working with Laura. I highly recommend them. They are amazing.”

“When my son was hurt on the job, our world was turned upside down. He was denied medical attention, left in a world of pain and was terminated from his job. I felt so helpless, and I knew my son needed help. We called the Law Offices of Laura Lanzisera who turned our world right side up again. They took our case, got my son medical care and settled his case without ever going to court. They are a professional, intelligent, caring firm who protects the rights of their clients. Like most concerned parents, it is hard to trust the world with your children when they first begin working. But with the Law Offices of Laura Lanzisera fighting for what is right makes sending my child to work so much easier. Thank you, Laura, Melody and the rest of the staff for your support.”

“This law office was the best! The staff here was very informative. They kept me updated on every process of my case. The assistant here (Jill) was so very helpful and one of the most pleasant persons I had ever met. I was very satisfied with my overall experience here and would use this law office again, and I highly recommend them for all my family and friends.”

“Excellent legal services for worker’s compensation claims.”

“Very friendly, professional, and their communication was 5-star. I would recommend Laura, Melody, and staff to anyone needing assistance.”

“Laura Lanzisera and her team are very knowledgeable when it comes to workman’s compensation. She and her team helped with my mom’s case from beginning to end, and made sure that my mother’s case was resolved with amazing results. Thanks to the Law Offices of Laura Lanzisera, my mother’s life has changed for the better. We will never forget what they did for us. The fact that she was there for us from beginning to end says a lot about her character as an amazing attorney.”

“Laura took my case when no other attorney would. ‘Not big enough for us’ was the usual reply. Yet, through Laura’s diligence and expertise, I got a great settlement. She was always available for me, and not once did I get shuffled off to an associate. I felt valued, and that my case was winnable.”

“I was referred to the offices of Laura Lanzisera by a friend. And I’m so glad I called. I was so stressed out by the whole workers’ comp process. Laura and Melody reassured me that they were doing everything they could for my case. I cannot thank them enough. Again, thank you, Laura and Melody. You guys are the best.”

“Laura helped me get the medical care I needed and answered all my many questions. She negotiated and fought for me with the insurance company. She was patient with my husband and me and never pushed us to make premature decisions. She and Jill are amazing, and I will always recommend her when someone has a work injury. We are very happy with all she has done for us.”

“Laura and Melody worked hard on my case and got it done. Can’t ask for more. Good communication by her and her office, as well as good prep for depositions.”

“The following morning immediately after having a really severe fall at work and being injured, I was contacted by an individual on behalf of my employer’s insurance company. Before she even questioned me as to how I fell, she asked ‘Now Mr._______ , are you the kind of person that would want someone to take care of you for the rest of your life?’ After I responded, she then asked secondly, ‘Now Mr._______, are you an individual that is typically patient, or are you the type of person that angers easily and suffers from road rage in traffic?’

Needless to say, it was at this point I knew I was dealing with something much bigger than myself: The Insurance Company! I needed a lawyer!

After calling Laura, she and her paralegal Melody exhibited genuine concern and compassion for the fact I’d been hurt. Laura got right on my case and then kept me informed throughout its entirety. The result was a very positive one for me because of her and Melody.

Simply put, Laura was just stellar! I’d highly recommend attorney Laura Lanzisera to anyone, anytime!”

“I am very grateful to have had Laura represent me on a difficult case, as I had no support from my employer to pay my medical expenses while I was covered under Workers Comp. She was able to get everything resolved amicably, including my being able to keep my position within the company. I was very impressed with her frequent communication as to the status of my case, not to mention keeping everything in layman’s (non-technical) terms for me. Thanks again, Laura. I would recommend you to anyone, anytime.”

“There is nothing worse than being punished for being injured. I did all I could do alone. When I reached out to Mrs. Lanzisera, I was unsure what to expect. I needed to put my trust into the law and needed to find a great attorney. I got both results when I hired Mrs. Lanzisera. It is beyond stressful to handle a case along with dealing with an injury that causes you an extreme amount of pain every single day. Mrs. Lanzisera always took the time to explain to me the details of my case. She also made sure she corresponded with me. When I could not reach her due to her being in court, her wonderful assistant helped me as well. Mrs. Lanzisera advocated for me and was very consistent. After hiring Mrs. Lanzisera, I had to have a second surgery for the same injury to remove hardware. I was so done, stressed, and in pain. Mrs. Lanzisera checked up on me to make sure that I was okay and fought for me until the end of my case. I can now continue to heal. If you are looking for an attorney that will help you and will keep your best interest at heart, you will find that in Mrs. Lanzisera.”

“I experienced an injury with my employer. I even had a different attorney the first year. After changing to Laura, I was complete and came out a winner within six months.”

“I love having Ms. Lanzisera as my lawyer. She is brilliant, and she is committed to the end. I was very impressed with her dedication and her work ethics. She is strong and fearless, and this made me strong and fearless because she showed those opposing me that we were not going to bow or bend. Although I got on her nerves, she was always patient and steadfast. I have hired Ms. Lanzisera twice, and both times, I was not disappointed, and I was very satisfied. I will hire her again and again. Laura Lanzisera is the best at what she does. Choose her; hire her. You won’t go wrong with her on your team because her expertise is above all.”

“I had a knee injury, and my former employer was giving me the runaround on my medical expenses. In a last-ditch effort, I decided to look for a lawyer, and I was skeptical. I found Laura, and she immediately contacted me. I never once felt like just a client when she was dealing with my case. In the end, I was more than satisfied with the result! She is great, and I would recommend her to anyone.”

“Words cannot express the debt of gratitude I owe to Mrs. Lanzisera. I was involved in a work-related accident. At a time when I was at my lowest, Laura could not have been more supportive. I found Laura to be highly professional, empathetic, supportive, and detail oriented. She walked me through every step of the process and never gave up on me. She remained true to her word. She never pushed me or made me decide on anything that I was not in agreement with. I highly recommend Mrs. Lanzisera. You will not be disappointed with her services!”

“Ms. Laura is very professional and excellent in her field. What I like about her is that she communicates and lets me know everything that is going on with my case. She has a great personality, and she treats her clients with great respect. I will recommend her to others.”

“Laura is a great attorney. She is resourceful, consistent, persistent and very understanding. I do not regret allowing Laura to represent me; for if any case I’m in need of a workers’ comp attorney, she will be the first person I seek legal advice and representation from. I am 98% pleased with Laura’s action in the courtroom, and my checking account agrees with me as well.”

“Laura is truly a professional who cares about the client and their best interest. I called Laura, and she went over everything with my wife and me, allowing us to ask as many questions about the process. We were very pleased with her helpfulness, her knowledge of the law and the ease with which she handled our issues. Thank you so much, Laura!”

“Before I reached out to Laura, I was given the runaround with my previous attorney. Once I started doing business with Ms. Lanzisera, I was immediately relieved of the prior stress I was dealing with from my former attorney as well as the stress from the injury itself! She made sure I was aware of everything at all times dealing with my case, which was a huge relief. There’s only one lawyer I would ever recommend to anyone concerning workers compensation, and that’s Ms. Lanzisera!”

“VERY PROFESSIONAL. I would recommend this law office to anyone who has been seriously injured on the job. Laura doesn’t brag. She performs.”

“Laura actually took care of a comp claim four years ago on a knee replacement. Last year, she took care of a rotator cuff, and they disconnected part of my bicep. I was in constant consultation by phone or email on everything weekly or more. She is the one. Rest easy if it’s possible; Laura will take care of you. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, ever! Thanks so much, Laura!”

“I was injured at work due to a slip and fall. I was in excruciating pain and knew that something serious was wrong. Laura stuck with me throughout the entire ordeal! She made sure that I was given everything that I needed. She was always available when I needed her. She is a very kind and caring person. She makes you feel like you are more than just a client. She is a friend, and she truly cares! I highly recommend attorney Laura Lanzisera! She is AWESOME!!!”

“I used Laura and Melody for my workers’ comp claim. Great team! They answered all my questions in a timely manner. They were also very responsive and worked hard getting my settlement done. Would highly recommend! 5 stars.”

“I am truly grateful for Laura and her paralegal Melody for the excellent service provided to me. Initially, I contacted another law firm in the area who told me there wasn’t anything I could do due to a prior injury to my back. So Melody called me and told me to still come in and speak with Laura, so I did. Laura and her team were very professional, knowledgeable, patient, kind and know the law. She explained every step of the process to me thoroughly, and to my surprise, everything I was told about the process happened in a timely manner. I was never left alone throughout the process. I was always able to speak to Laura or Melody whenever I had any questions or concerns. They stayed in contact with me until my case was settled. I highly recommend Laura.”

“I will always recommend Laura. She helped me in my case with Workman’s comp and eased my mind, too. The entire thing was thought to take about six months to a year and was only three weeks from beginning to end, and it was flawless! Do not hire another attorney! Laura is who you need! I checked out others, and she was the one I found after I prayed and for months I never hired one. I just waited until the Lord said it was time. Am I glad I did. She is incredible! She will treat you right. Her staff is prompt, courteous and always respectful! She’s the best friend you never knew you had.”

“I just want to start off by saying Ms. Jill and Ms. Laura are truly caring. They ensure all of your questions, comments, and concerns are handled. They are truly talented, and I thank them for their help throughout my ordeal. They are awesome and handled my situation in a very timely manner.”

“Laura and Melody are great at what they do. They answer all your questions in a very timely manner. They get all your procedures approved quickly. They work hard for you, and I highly recommend them. My attorney before them just pushed me to settle, and it turned out I needed another surgery. Laura and Melody never made me feel like they wanted me to settle my claim before I was ready to. If you don’t hire them to help you with your workman’s comp claim, then you are missing out!”

“The whole team was great. I had a wonderful experience! They are very professional. Trust and believe me that they worth more than 5-stars.”

“Laura Lanzisera is the best lawyer you could ask for! She became like family, and she really cares for her clients. Laura is on top of her game at all times. She truly rocks! 👍👍👍”

“I don’t think I have words to express how I feel about these two amazing women! The hard work they put in with complete devotion and dedication within their work ethic! I highly recommend The Law Offices of Laura Lanzisera to anyone in need. What a great experience I had embarking on a true sight of women empowerment. Ladies, thank you for the hospitality and continuing to follow up and assure me that you had my best interest. You’re both rock stars in every way possible. Again, I thank you for such a true experience and hospitality! What I love about this law firm is that they don’t take no for an answer. When one door has been closed, these ladies will simply go around the back. And they won’t just stop there, because if a window is open, they have no hesitation going through there as well. The workmanship they put in, the ambition, the drive they put behind them is truly extraordinary! Again, thank you for everything you did for me throughout my trying time. Your integrity truly shines through. I simply can’t thank you enough. The unfortunate part for me is that I had to go—only because of being a highly satisfied client of a job well done!”

Laura Lanzisera is rated 5 out 5 stars on Google.