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Does your employer have workers’ comp coverage?

Late last year, a Walton court sentenced a man to 5 years in prison for selling fake workers’ comp insurance to Georgia businesses. The man, who presented himself as a legitimate insurance agent, misled companies into purchasing insurance from him—insurance that didn’t actually exist or cover their employees in the event of an injury. While […]

What are workplace ergonomics?

While the concept of ergonomics has gone mainstream in the past few years, it’s much more than just a descriptor for supportive office chairs, monitor stands or sculpted keyboards. Ergonomics is an applied science—once centered on studying and creating a process or workspace that makes a job more efficient, comfortable or safe for the people […]

Does Workers’ Comp Cover PTSD?

For workers who experience or witness a traumatic event on the job, it can sometimes be challenging to secure the resources needed for treatment through workers’ compensation. While Georgia workers’ comp will cover mental health treatments, a psychological injury must be connected to a physical injury that took place at work. This leaves some workers, including […]

What Should You Look For In A Workers’ Comp Attorney?

While some injured workers choose to represent themselves in their workers’ comp cases, the complicated nature of the Georgia workers’ compensation process makes it a good idea to get professional help—especially for serious injuries and illnesses.  But while many attorneys advertise workers’ comp legal services, it’s often not their primary practice area. Workers’ comp, with its tight […]

Work Injuries During Spring

While it’s welcome news for many that Daylight Saving Time may soon be permanent thanks to the Sunshine Protection Act, it’s frustrating if you’re already one of the many sleep-deprived workers to have suffered an on-the-job accident after the time change. Each year, as our clocks spring forward an hour, workplace injuries spike, car crashes […]

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Dependents

Worker deaths in Georgia have climbed over the years, rising to a 2019 high of 207 fatalities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While transportation incidents are the most common cause of death, violence, environmental exposures and falls also lead to fatal occupational injuries. Many times, a deceased worker leaves behind a family—a surviving […]

Third Party Negligence

One of the upsides of the workers’ comp system is its no-fault premise. This means that injured workers don’t have to spend valuable time proving that their employer was somehow to blame after a workplace injury. More accessible compensation allows injured workers to quickly cover medical treatment, pay bills and recover until they can return […]

Can Volunteers Get Workers’ Compensation?

Throughout the Atlanta area, volunteers add to the vibrancy and success of organizations and businesses. They tutor kids, mentor refugees, deliver cheer to hospitals, care for parks and gardens, deliver meals to seniors, foster pets and serve the unhoused. But whether they’re spending time in an office offering bookkeeping services or doing something higher risk, […]

What Mistakes Should I Avoid When Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

After a workplace injury, it can be challenging to stay on top of the sometimes-complicated claims process. Injured workers often make choices early on that damage their cases down the road, making it harder to eventually receive the benefits they need. Fortunately, if you prioritize your health and recovery, you also help support your workers’ […]

Does Exposure to Mold Qualify for a Workers’ Comp Claim?

While we often think of mold as a residential issue—cropping up in a poorly maintained apartment, for example, or an old house with a wet basement—it’s also a risk at most worksites. There’s a little bit of mold everywhere, but when conditions are just right, certain types of mold may take hold in a building, […]

My Workers’ Compensation Case Is Pending, Can I File for Bankruptcy?

While workers’ compensation provides many protections for people injured on the job, workplace injuries are still incredibly disruptive financially for many families. Mortgage payments might pile up. Family members might have to take time off or even leave work to provide home care. Long drives to specialist appointments might become a weekly drain on time […]

How Scars and Disfigurement Impact Workers’ Comp Settlements

With many types of injuries, the recovery period is all consuming. There may be surgeries, specialist appointments, therapy and ongoing medications. During that time, the injured person’s life may feel on hold, like everything else takes a backseat to getting better. But eventually, whether it’s a few weeks, months or even a couple of years, […]