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Nail technician health hazards: What you need to know

Many nail salon customers are paying increasing attention to the condition of their salons—the sanitation practices, the ingredients used in products and the indoor air quality. When recent research connected the UV light used in drying gel manicures to cell damage, some folks even rethought their routines entirely. But for the more than 130,000 nail […]

Does your construction PPE fit?

Construction workers need personal protective equipment that’s actually personal—helmets, eye wear and vests to fit each person’s unique size and shape. That’s why in July 2023, the Department of Labor issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to clarify PPE standards for the industry. While OSHA’s general industry and maritime standards require properly fitting PPE, the […]

When do you need a second opinion for a workplace injury?

After an on-the-job injury, your first step is usually an appointment with a doctor from the posted panel of physicians. Your worksite keeps this list somewhere anyone can see it, like the break room, and Georgia has strict rules regarding its composition. An employer can’t create a panel that leaves out minority doctors, for example, […]

Are Georgia countertop manufacturers at risk for lung disease?

For many homeowners, gleaming stone countertops are the central focus in any kitchen remodel. But traditional high-end materials like granite and marble come with a lot of upkeep: sealing regimens, specialized cleaners and vigilance against chips or deep-set stains. Engineered quartz seems to offer a happy middle ground. It can mimic the look of natural […]

Starting a new job? Understanding Georgia workers’ compensation

Landing a new job can be exciting. And while you’re likely anticipating what’s to come, it’s unlikely you’ll spend much time planning on negative scenarios, like what happens if you’re hurt. But understanding workers’ compensation before you need it can be incredibly helpful. Georgia workers’ comp is sometimes hard to make sense of, with a […]

How landscapers can stay safe on the job

Landscapers put in long hours year-round to keep private homes, businesses and public spaces looking their best. Here in Georgia, a lot of that work takes place in the intense heat of the summer. Our heavy rains make the grass grow quickly, supercharge weeds and bring down trees and limbs. But heat and sudden thunderstorms […]

How can healthcare companies create a safer work environment for employees?

No employee should have to face violence at work, but for many nurses, physical assaults are part of the job. According to the American Nurses Association, one in four nurses said they had been physically assaulted at work. Nurses often have the highest levels of patient interaction, leaving them heavily exposed to potential aggression or […]

What’s the cost of workplace heat stress?

As Georgia temperatures climb, it’s time to think about how you’ll stay safe this summer at work. For many folks, the summer highs are an uncomfortable inconvenience, but not a major occupational health risk. Air-conditioned offices, healthcare facilities and stores all have their own workplace hazards, but temperatures inside tend to stay comfortable. Outside work, […]

How could wearables change safety in the workplace?

Whether it’s a smart watch that accepts calls, a fitness tracker that measures your sleep quality, or a VR headset that brings a new dimension to gaming, wearable technology has become more commonplace in our personal lives. But on the job, wearables are also being adopted and adapted for new applications. They can warn a […]

Trenching safety: How to avoid collapses and cave-ins

It just takes a moment for a trenching excavation to turn into a tragedy. A settling in the soil, an unstable load above, a piece of machinery at the trench’s edge and thousands of pounds of earth come pouring down, immediately trapping or crushing workers below. But trenching accidents are also highly preventable. It’s well […]

Mental health stress in the industrial workplace

As the conversation around mental health in the workplace has changed, workers in some industries are feeling better equipped to use their company’s wellness resources or advocate for what they need. Many employers have incorporated burnout and resiliency into their corporate vocabulary. Others have worked to reassure employees that they won’t differentiate between mental and […]

What to do after a workplace concussion

After a head injury in the workplace, it’s sometimes hard to get back to normal. You might not feel like yourself as you struggle with uncomfortable—or unsettling—symptoms. Physical or mental challenges that might make it hard to do your job can drag on for days, or sometimes even weeks. Thankfully, most people who experience mild […]