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How could wearables change safety in the workplace?

Whether it’s a smart watch that accepts calls, a fitness tracker that measures your sleep quality, or a VR headset that brings a new dimension to gaming, wearable technology has become more commonplace in our personal lives. But on the job, wearables are also being adopted and adapted for new applications. They can warn a […]

Trenching safety: How to avoid collapses and cave-ins

It just takes a moment for a trenching excavation to turn into a tragedy. A settling in the soil, an unstable load above, a piece of machinery at the trench’s edge and thousands of pounds of earth come pouring down, immediately trapping or crushing workers below. But trenching accidents are also highly preventable. It’s well […]

Mental health stress in the industrial workplace

As the conversation around mental health in the workplace has changed, workers in some industries are feeling better equipped to use their company’s wellness resources or advocate for what they need. Many employers have incorporated burnout and resiliency into their corporate vocabulary. Others have worked to reassure employees that they won’t differentiate between mental and […]

What to do after a workplace concussion

After a head injury in the workplace, it’s sometimes hard to get back to normal. You might not feel like yourself as you struggle with uncomfortable—or unsettling—symptoms. Physical or mental challenges that might make it hard to do your job can drag on for days, or sometimes even weeks. Thankfully, most people who experience mild […]

How childcare workers can avoid injuries on the job

Childcare workers are trained to think ahead when it comes to the risks the infants, toddlers and preschoolers in their care might face. They follow safe sleep practices for babies, and stay up-to-date on CPR training. They keep age-inappropriate toys and choking hazards out of the hands of explorative toddlers and help adventurous preschoolers avoid […]

Eye injuries at work: what you need to know

Each day, nearly 2,000 U.S. employees experience an on-the-job eye injury—one serious enough to require medical care. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), as many as 100 of those injured then require time off from work. In the most severe cases, eye injuries result in vision loss—often considered permanent partial […]

Is your workplace in Georgia prepared for an emergency?

American history is filled with industrial accidents and disasters that cost lives, gradually reshaping the rules and regulations that govern workplaces today. Some, like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911, directly led to new fire safety laws and building inspections for factories. But just as it can be helpful to look back in order […]

How clean is the air at your job?

In our homes, there’s a lot we do day-to-day to maintain good air quality. We might flip on the ventilation fan when we cook, or open the windows on a nice day. We vacuum, try to stay on top of dust or mold, and change the filters in our HVAC system. But at work, a […]

What Types of Work Injuries Aren’t Compensable?

When it comes to workers’ comp, state law determines which injuries are covered. However, in most cases, injuries occurring on the job that are considered “out of the course of employment” will fall under workers’ comp coverage. If individuals are injured while performing their job duties or if they suffer any illnesses resulting from unsafe […]

What Should You Do if You Get Injured at Work?

Many people get injured every day at work. Whether you have an office job or you are around heavy equipment all day, injuries happen no matter how careful that you may be. When this happens, you may not be exactly sure what you should do. Here are the steps that you should take if you get […]

Lifestyle Changes to Factor into Your Claim

After a workplace injury, your first thoughts are likely centered on your most urgent needs: emergency care, missed time off work and immediate challenges, like how you’ll get your kids to school the next day. Afterwards, your schedule may fill with follow-ups, imaging, appointments with specialists and physical therapy as you also initiate your workers’ […]

What to Do if You Were Injured at Work by Another Employee

When a coworker causes a workplace injury, it can be challenging to know how to proceed. Whose fault is it if one employee leaves a box in a hallway, tripping her colleague? Who is responsible if a worker drops a tool, striking a coworker below? And who is accountable if an employee mishandles cleaning supplies, […]