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Lifestyle Changes to Factor into Your Claim

After a workplace injury, your first thoughts are likely centered on your most urgent needs: emergency care, missed time off work and immediate challenges, like how you’ll get your kids to school the next day. Afterwards, your schedule may fill with follow-ups, imaging, appointments with specialists and physical therapy as you also initiate your workers’ […]

What to Do if You Were Injured at Work by Another Employee

When a coworker causes a workplace injury, it can be challenging to know how to proceed. Whose fault is it if one employee leaves a box in a hallway, tripping her colleague? Who is responsible if a worker drops a tool, striking a coworker below? And who is accountable if an employee mishandles cleaning supplies, […]

Steps to Avoid Overwhelming Medical Bills After a Workplace Accident

After a workplace accident, life might feel like a blur of appointments, emails and phone calls as you struggle to get the care you need and continue caring for those you love. Then the bills begin to arrive. What are your rights after an accident, and how can you avoid a flood of medical bills […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Settlements

In Georgia, for the parties to settle a workers’ compensation claim, the following conditions must be met: 1) the parties must agree to the settlement; that is, settlement is voluntary – the Employee and the Employer/Insurer must agree – no one can force either party to settle 2) the agreement must be reasonable under the […]

Workers’ Compensation Claimants’ Independent Medical Examinations

Under certain conditions, a workers’ compensation claimant or employee can request that the Employer/Insurer pay for a medical opinion with a physician of his/her choosing.  The second opinion doctor does not have be on the workers’ compensation panel.  These exams are called “independent medical examinations.”  It is often beneficial to receive an opinion from a […]