Steps to Avoid Overwhelming Medical Bills After a Workplace Accident

Steps to Avoid Overwhelming Medical Bills After a Workplace Accident

After a workplace accident, life might feel like a blur of appointments, emails and phone calls as you struggle to get the care you need and continue caring for those you love. Then the bills begin to arrive. What are your rights after an accident, and how can you avoid a flood of medical bills after your injury?

Get medical care. 

When you ultimately file for workers’ compensation, you’ll need to document you were, in fact, injured at work. Make sure you receive medical attention immediately after your injury, choosing a doctor from the posted panel of physicians. If you feel like your treatment doesn’t live up to your expectations, you are entitled to a second opinion, but check with a workers’ comp attorney first—the rules over which doctors you may see are complex.

Document the scene. 

Even if you have to return after you’ve received medical care, make sure to document the scene of your accident. Ideally, however, you’ll want to document the scene as soon as possible, noting particularly the conditions that may have resulted in your injury, like wet floors or tripping hazards.

Keep track of your medical bills. 

Before your workers’ compensation claim is accepted, you may be in a tricky position when it comes to billing. Be sure to tell any provider you see that you’re being treated for a workplace injury. Share your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company information with the billing department. If bills are accidentally sent to you, ask the doctor or hospital to instead send the bills to the insurer. Remember, no matter what your employer may say, you have a right to not use your own health insurance after a workplace accident.

Refuse quick settlements.

Insurance companies usually like to close out their books, so settlements are common. But be cautious when you’re offered a settlement right away, before you have a sense of your medical expenses. If you accept the offer, you’ll give up your

right to seek additional compensation. This means that if your bills come in above what you expected, or if you need continued therapy, any future expenses will come out of your pocket. A skilled Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer will understand how to negotiate for the best settlement possible

Call a workers’ compensation attorney.

After a workplace injury, your goal is to heal and to resolve your case in a way that removes financial pressure. At the Law Offices of Laura Lanzisera, we work to reach a fair, swift resolution, allowing you to move forward without the stress of medical bills. Even if your claim has been denied, you still have a chance with an expert workers’ compensation lawyer on your side.

Your Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

A Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer can help you avoid overwhelming medical bills. At the Law Offices of Laura Lanzisera, we’ll work to explain Georgia’s workers’ compensation system and the benefits available for your injury or disability. Contact our office today for a free consultation or call us at 404-445-6010.

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