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You may have seen on TV or have heard otherwise that Insurance Companies will often order surveillance on people who have filed a workers’ compensation claim or who are receiving workers’ compensation benefits.  Surveillance is when an investigator follows you and takes videos.  While an investigator may follow you for days and not see anything damaging, there is often a time when any person whether injured or not,  is having a good day and is able to do more than he/she could on other days when he/she was in pain from the workers’ compensation injury.  This brief surveillance video can be shown to your doctor and/or judge and can be used to suspend your benefits.

What many people don’t realize is that you are entitled to view this video and create a defense/explanation before it is shown in court.   Most often the Insurance Company or its attorneys will not produce the video without an attorney fighting for you.   Don’t jeopardize your workers’ compensation claim; make sure you know if there has been any surveillance.

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